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We donate golf balls to kids for every transaction on MULLIE 

We Are Changing Lives By #GivingGolf


We know how difficult it is to afford golf. High prices limit who can play and therefore the good it can do for everyone it touches. We are committed to changing lives by making golf more affordable for those who need it the most. For every transaction on MULLIE we will donate a sleeve of golf balls to inner-city municipal courses to help kids tee it up and enjoy the game we love.

[ learn more by watching the video below ] 

Why are we doing this?

Everyone at MULLIE has lived the experience of having a hard time affording golf, so we founded the company to ensure no one else has to. The #GivingGolf program will ensure those who want to keep playing, can!  Through golf, kids learn all the lessons this beautiful game has to offer; character, self-reliance, discipline, honesty, perseverance, and so much more...

We are combining #GivingGolf with our NO-SELLER-FEE social-commerce platform to reduce the price of equipment and create an amazing networking opportunity for those new golfers to find, connect, and build relationships with the most advantaged communities and brands in the world. 

The #GiveGolf Backstory by MULLIE Co-founder, Steve Moskowitz


I was in a deeply unhappy place when I was introduced to golf by a friend.  The bug bit me. It bit me HARD. It started with hitting balls into a net in his basement after school using old clubs, putting into cups at his house and heading to a local driving range on special occasions.  It took me a full YEAR of loving golf before I found both the courage and the money to play my first round on my local muni. It was a full love affair from Day 1. My problem was my family could not afford to KEEP ME PLAYING.  So I found ways of getting used, free clubs, and a cheap “all you can play” junior membership at a local club. The hard part was golf's recurring cost… balls, gloves, tees, and apparel that you outgrow or overuse.  This made it too expensive for me to keep playing.  As a resourceful teen with no shame, I played with no gloves, picked up every tee I could find, held up the pace of play by searching the woods and creeks for balls, and would frequently visit the course at night to wade into the ponds to pull out old balls. I did anything I could to keep playing. Golf is a profoundly positive influence.  MULLIE exists to ensure anyone who starts playing can keep playing by reducing or eliminating costs wherever we can.

Are you an organization that wants to help?

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