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Brands & Athletes


You built your brand, we intend on protecting it.

We're giving all brands & athletes a chance to protect your image and likeness by giving you first access to sign up and reserve your personal name & social handle!


There's NO obligation to use the platform or advertise for us - BUT - you must follow the necessary steps below to reserve your brand-name, so no one else does!

As a Social-Commerce platform, we'll be adding social features for you to build a fanbase within the MULLIE app so you're able to share your favorite items & equipment  with followers.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 3.20.31 PM.png

   * * *  P L E A S E   R E A D  * * *   

Once another user registers using your name / username AND lists an item, we're NOT able to remove that user unless the listed item violates our terms of service. YES, we'll address any trademark, patent, and/or other legal issues but we appreciate your cooperation in helping us prevent those measures. 

So, to protect your name & handle please follow these THREE (3) steps:

1.)   Sign up and register using your name + corresponding username (only 1 username per account)

2.)  Upload at least ONE (1) product to the marketplace (don't delete item)

3.)  Another registered user must like, make an offer, or purchase your item (any action will do)


This is the ONLY way we can preserve your name, username, and account information.

It is OK if someone purchases your item(s), a digital record will exist in your profile, forever.



Thanks for helping us, help you.

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